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The process of processing stainless steel by plane grinding and polishing machine

Stainless steel with its excellent corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and surface grinding and polishing machine processing performance and good welding performance, become widely used engineering materials.  At the same time, through different polishing processing methods, can make a variety of stainless steel plate, pipe, bar, profile surface with different levels of surface finish, greatly improve the appearance of stainless steel, so that it achieves aesthetic effect.  For different metal materials, different use occasions, different requirements on the surface of metal workpiece, it is necessary to adopt different grinding methods or a combination of several grinding methods for grinding processing to make the processed workpiece meet the requirements of use.  

Plane grinding polishing machine "chemical grinding" is to be grinding surface of the small convex and concave part of the case of the convex part of the priority to dissolve, improve the roughness of the metal surface, obtain smooth bright surface process.  "Mechanical grinding" is the process of removing the convex part of the ground surface by cutting, wearing or plastic deformation to obtain a smooth and bright surface.  

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