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Lapping and polishing disc

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KiZi has developed from cast iron discs, synthetic iron discs, copper discs, and tin discs to diamond discs, and the flatness can reach 2um


Copper Lapping Disc Detail

It is used for moderate grinding of products with less grinding allowance and high surface requirements. It can achieve very fine surface effect when used with medium and fine particle grinding liquid.

Sapphire Special Lapping Disc Detail

Used for hard polishing of sapphire LED substrates, with KIZI sapphire special polycrystalline diamond slurry, the best removal rate can reach 0.002mm/min, and a single grinding disc can process about 50,000 2-inch substrates with KIZI diamond slurry

Contract Iron Lapping Disc Detail

It is used for rapid rough grinding of products with large margins, and it is efficient to use with coarse-grained diamond grinding fluid, but the grinding surface is rough

Tin Lapping Disc Detail

It is used for products with high precision and high finish grinding requirements. It can meet the best surface roughness requirements of Ra0.02 with the particle diamond grinding fluid. It can also be used for high-precision hard polishing, so that the surface becomes both flat and mirror-like.

Cast Iron Grinding Disc Detail

For optical glass, metal surface matte effect lapping and polishing

Can be customized

Model Disc diameter(mm)
Lapping disc Φ380



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