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Several forms of double-sided grinding machine processing methods

Double-sided grinding machine processing method:

1.  Dry grinding: only a small amount of lubricant additive is applied to the surface of the tool during grinding.  The sand is basically fixed on the grinding tool in the grinding process, and its grinding action is mainly sliding grinding.  This method has low productivity, but high machining accuracy and small surface roughness (Ra0.02 ~ 0.01μm) can be achieved.  

2.  Wet lapping: During lapping, the abrasive is applied to the tool and lapped with dispersed sand particles.  Abrasive in addition to sand and kerosene, oil, oleic acid, stearic acid and other substances.  During the grinding process, some sand grains exist between the tool and the workpiece, as shown in Figure 8-12b.  At this time, the sand is given priority to by rolling grinding, high productivity, surface roughness Ra0.04 ~ 0.02μm, generally used for rough machining, but the processing surface is generally dull.  

3.  Soft grinding grinding grain in the grinding process, with chrome oxide abrasive abrasives coated on the surface of the work that tool, because the abrasive tool and the workpiece than soft, so in the process of grinding, abrasive suspension between workpiece and tool, the main use of abrasive and the workpiece surface chemistry, a layer of oxide film is soft, convex point of the film is easy to abrasive wear.  

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