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Diamond Slurry

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Mainly used for rough, medium and fine grinding of metals and non-metals such as alloys, sapphire, ceramics, stainless steel, silicon, optical glass, etc.


Product application areas:
stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, auto parts, mobile phone parts, liquid metal, etc.
Superhard materials: cemented carbide, powder metallurgy, PCD composite tool, etc.
Crystal: optical crystal, quartz wafer, sapphire, optical glass, silicon wafer, LED sapphire substrate, etc.
Seals:Valve plate, valve plate, friction plate, rigid sealing ring, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blade, plunger pump, cylinder piston ring air pressure, hydraulic pressure, water pressure, oil pressure
Ceramics:Alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, boron nitride, silicon nitride ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, metal ceramics, etc.
Plastics: plastic multi-position valves, water distribution trays, plastic seals, etc.






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